Hey there!

So you're looking for a Razmataz webshop that actually works?! Well, after being total losers when it comes to being some sort of "professional" vinyl vendor, we finally managed to set up this thing, so you can get what you always wanted and never needed. And we're still total losers anyway!

So if you decide to throw something in the cart and proceed to checkout, you might wonder what's actually happening with your data and your money.... since we would do the same!

That's why this hypocritical world of big data and guerilla marketing requires a disclaimer, that we want you to read on our info page!

In short: we get the information you provide on the checkout page (what you want and where to send it), you get a payment info (our bank account), and after we receive the payment, we ship your stuff. We don't want or need anything else from you and especially don't let your data get in the hands of anybody but this trustworthy creep on the picture above.

Enough talking, i know you can't resist shopping anymore... Go ahead and treat yourself!
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that's why you're here!